Energy Production

Tank Recycling

Roper is an industry standard for oil field recycle pumps. From California to the Bakken, and across Texas and Oklahoma, it’s easy to find a Roper near a pump jack.

Our factory optioned gearbox makes the 3600GHB’s an easy choice for electric motor or engine driven units. The simplicity and reliability of the A-Series and 3600 Series pumps makes Roper a perfect pump for heater treater and recycle pumps that are usually in remote areas and unforgiving environments.

Related Products

Hydraulic Fracturing

With unsurpassed reliability and versatility, Roper products are the first choice in a variety of frac applications. Our truck & ship mounted progressing cavity liquid additive pumps are specified sole source in some of the largest well service company fleets worldwide. For heavy-duty bulk transfer applications, Roper gear pumps provide the rugged flexibility needed to survive the toughest pumping environments on earth.  

Our XERIC, all-metal progressing cavity pump is setting new standards for worry free additive pumping by completely eliminating the most common cause of failure: the stator elastomer. This revolutionary pump can safely operate completely without liquid – virtually indefinitely – without sustaining damage. 

Whether thick or thin, hot or cold, and now wet or dry, Roper has the solution for your toughest frac pump applications.

Power Generation

Roper Pump Company is dedicated to the highest standards in the manufacture and aftermarket support of liquid fuel pumps and flow dividers for industrial frame type gas turbines in the power generation, oil & gas, pipeline, refinery and petrochemical industries.

Since the 1950’s, Roper Pump’s pioneering efforts in the design of flow dividers, as well as high pressure pumps, have become industry standard for heavy duty gas turbine multi chamber combustion systems that require the precise delivery of fuel into each combustion can. Today, our solution driven engineers continue to develop innovative and patented products tailored to solving specific problems. The latest technological advances are also applied to our existing equipment through upgrades and product improvements to withstand the most stringent conditions encountered in the field.

Roper fuel pumps and flow dividers are installed worldwide on thousands of gas turbines manufactured by all major turbine OEMs. In addition to high pressure fuel pumps, Roper manufactures seal oil pumps and lube oil pumps for rotating equipment, including generators.


Roper Pumps are used throughout the ethanol production industry for processing, transfer, and blending.  Our positive displacement pumps offer a proven reliable design for fuel mixing, syrups, and waste applications.  Xeric, our newest innovation, has the ability to set new standards in the processing and transfer of produced feedstock syrups, flocculants, and waste byproducts such as vinasse.  Roper’s patented metal disk technology allows for an all metal stator design, eliminating the rubber that wears so easily.  The ability to run dry without damage offers a worry free solution to some of the toughest ethanol applications.

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