3632 High Flow 3″ Pump

Roper Pump Company, a leading innovator of pumping solutions, is proud to unveil its latest product: the eX Series pump, engineered to revolutionize the industry with unmatched performance and durability.

The eX Series (65 size) pump stands as a testament to Roper Pump’s commitment to excellence, boasting upgraded materials of construction that guarantee uncompromising reliability in the most eXtreme environments. This innovative design sets new industry standards ensuring superior flow rates (585 GPM at 900 RPM) when loading/unloading trucks or bulk transfer applications, unprecedented adaptability to handle a wide spectrum of hydrocarbons, from condensate to heavy crude, think and thick viscosities, and higher levels of abrasive product.

5 Features of Roper Pump eX Series

Unleash the Power of Efficiency:

The 3632 High Flow 3” pump is a game-changer when it comes to increasing productivity. Its output flows an impressive 10 gallons per 100 revolutions per minute (RPM) higher than the industry-standard Roper 3622 3” pump as well as other similar competitive pumps. With this remarkable pump, you can deliver more loads in a day, maximizing your efficiency and ultimately boosting your bottom line.


Unmatched Speed and Performance:

When it comes to load and unload times, the 3632 High Flow 3” pump truly excels. It offers a staggering 18 gallons per minute (GPM) higher flow than competitive vane pump designs, when operating at a maximum speed of 900 RPM. This beast of a pump ensures faster operations, allowing you to optimize your workflow and increase throughput without compromising reliability. Let’s do the math…



The Roper Seal of Quality and Dependability

Roper Pump Company has built a reputation as the most trusted pump company in the bulk liquid transport market. The 3632 High Flow 3” pump embodies our commitment to quality, durability, and dependability. It is meticulously engineered using high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. You can trust this pump to perform flawlessly in even the most demanding environments, reducing downtime and providing peace of mind.

Invest in efficiency, performance, and a trusted reputation. Discover the power of the 3632 High Flow 3” pump by Roper Pump Company. To learn more about this remarkable pump, visit our website at roperpumps.com or contact our knowledgeable team at (706) 335-5551.

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